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Monthly Meetings

The board of directors of the Idaho Esports Association meets monthly to discuss the business of the organization. These meetings are open to the public and are typically held once a month at 3:30 pm Pacific/4:30 Mountain. The meetings are held online via Google Meet. The meeting link is posted on the Idaho Esports Discord in the #announcements channel and in the events section or on this page. If the link has not been updated, please contact us at

The board of directors maintains the ability and responsibility to remove from the meeting at any time, anyone who would disrupt the meeting or otherwise cause a disturbance. They may also take additional action against any individual causing a disruption or disturbance, including but not limited to, banning from future meetings, banning from Idaho Esports events, and/or legal action.

All minutes are maintained and reported on this website for any to view.

The board also maintains the right and ability to change the date and time of the meetings at any time. If the date or time of the meeting is changed, the new date and time will be posted on this page and in the #announcements channel on the Idaho Esports Discord.

Furthermore the board may utilize executive sessions to discuss sensitive information, including but not limited to sponsorship agreements, legal action, contract disclosures, and actions regarding a player, coach, or official in the organization. These sessions are not open to the public and will not be recorded or reported on.

The agenda for each meeting is a living, breathing document and may be changed at any time. If you have an item you would like to add to the agenda, please contact us at

January 2024 Meeting

Google Meet Link